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Vlog: Henne Lip Balm

Vlog: Henne Lip Balm

Being a Colorado native, I’ve grown accustomed to dry air. All year round it’s dry! In the summer it’s a dry heat and in the winter it’s a dry chill. When it’s in the colder months, I love find dry lip relief. Can you relate?


A few months ago I tried Henne lip balm for the first time. And I love the tinted lip balm. The intrigue is my fall everyday lip color! This product is not only toxin free but it is full yummy hydrating ingredients that are good for your skin! Most people gravitate to the traditional lip balm which always has a wax base.


Wax based lip balms are excellent if you already have moisture because wax is actually really great at sealing in moisture. They are not the best for dry lips. If you are like me and suffer from dry lips especially during the colder months, you want something that with soften and hydrate.


The Henne lip product line is excellent at softening and hydrating! In today’s vlog I highlight some of my favorite lip products from this luxury clean lip collection. Check out the video below.

Product Shopping list:

Rose Diamond Lip Exfoliator:  http://bit.ly/2hfoAMg


This product has rose water in it. Rose water is awesome! It unclogs pores, it’s anti- inflammatory, Anti bacterial, maintains skin's PH balance, helps reduce redness, dermatitis, revitalizes moisture and has a really yummy smell!


Henne luxury lip tint- Bare: http://bit.ly/2heRxIf

Henne luxury lip tint - Azalea: http://bit.ly/2zsFOAk

Henne luxury lip tint - Coral: http://bit.ly/2m6gj2N

Henne luxury lip tint - Intrigue:http://bit.ly/2m7gPNQ


It’s a soft, natural formula that will not feather out onto the skin. It has tons of amazing ingredients. Avocado oil, softens, hydrates and is anti inflammatory. Jojoba oil which is great for chapped lips! It also contains vitamin e which is rich in antioxidants, a natural conditioner and has some protective properties.


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