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4 Ways to get Younger Looking Skin Naturally

4 Ways to get Younger Looking Skin Naturally

Most everyone is looking t get younger looking skin.Ladies will do a lot to get youthful looking skin no matter the cost. No wonder the cosmetic industry is a billion dollar industry.  In today's post, I'll highlight 4 simple ways to get younger looking skin naturally. That's right no down time, no crazy procedures, just simple natural ways to get younger looking skin. 

Now before I dive in, I must say that I am not a doctor or a nutritionist. I am a licensed esthetician, so what I'm talking about today is based off of what Ive learned in esthetician school and life experience as a makeup artist for 14+ years. 

1. Get more Sleep

Sleep is amazing! IF your looking to reduce puffiness under your eye, brighten up the tone of your skin and get firmer skin with less fine lines and wrinkles, GET MORE SLEEP!! Seriously once you add even 30 min extra, you notice a huge difference! 

2. Drink more water 

As a Denver based makeup artist, I have ben telling my client for years to drink tons of water because it is so dry here and it helps with how makeup wears on the skin. Drinking water through out your day will help;p with your overall health but it will help reduce fine lines and wrinkle, will hydrate the skin and will help your body get rid of toxins so your skin will look more clear. 

3. Vitamins 

Vit C & E are two that are amazing at helping keep your skin protected as they are excellent antioxidants and will help your skin with healing. They are particularly effective at night time since that is when your skin naturally repairs itself and Vit C may make your skin more sensitive to the sun. Definitely make sure you wear sun screen if you are applying these Vit topically. 

4. An at Home Skin Routine 

Having a daily skin care routine at home and being consistent will be more effective at keeping your skin youthful than any major procedure. The consistent routine keeps your mph and your blood flowing through out your face. Even the act of washing your face if you take a fw extra second to massage your face will help revitalize.

Use natural products and your skin will look even younger since a lot of the toxic products have chemicals that cause premature aging. If you have any questions about skin and what natural products are good for young looking skin, leave a comment below.

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