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Get The Look: Beach Bride

Get The Look: Beach Bride

When I think beachy makeup, Its hard not to think natural looking makeup. A while back I worked on a really fun photo shoot and this is the look that we went with for this beauty themed bridal photo shoot.

In today's post, you'll learn step by step on how to achieve this look. The look is a beautiful soft look for special occasions, photos, date night makes or even everyday to glam up your life. If you're getting married, I would recommend looking uno hiring a professional makeup artist. 

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Step one: Eye makeup 

  1. Apply a very sheer coat of RMS eye polish in myth. Set this with a sheer powder like the RMS un powder. 
  2. Apply Take the biscuit eye shadow in the crease 
  3. Apply starry eyed eye shadow on the lower lid 
  4. along the lash line the eyes with a very thin application of the lily lolo black eye liner pencil 
  5. Smudge the eye liner with Kjaer Weis Onyx shadow 
  6. Finish the eyes with mascara and false eye lashes on the user lash line. 

Step Two: Face and lips 

  1. prep the skin with RMS beauty oil 
  2. Apply RMS Un coverup all over the face. Since the skin is prepped a little bit of this product goes a LONG way! 
  3. Apply a sheer coat of the  RMS Lip2 cheek in Illusive on the cheeks 
  4. Add a small amount of the RMS Living Luminizer on the cheek bone 
  5. Add some RMS Illusive on the lips 
  6. Finish of by adding uncovered to any areas that need extra coverage like under the eyes, on blemishes, dark pigmentation. Set the face makeup with a dusting of the RMS un powder. 

Shopping list: 

  • Lily Lolo Natural Black Mascara 
  • Lily Lolo Eye Shadow Take the Biscuit 
  • Lily Lolo Eye Shadow Starry Eyed 
  • Kjaer Wies Eye Shadow Onyx 
  • RMS Eye Polish Myth
  • RMS beauty oil  
  • RMS "Un Coverup 
  • RMS Living Luminizer 
  • Vapour Illusionnait Concealer 
  • RMS Lip2cheek Illusive 
  • Ariel Lash Trio Small
  • RMS Un powder  

Photoshoot Vendors: 

Rowan and Birch 

Honey Comb Flowers 

A & Be Bridal Shop 

Plank and Pearl 

Whimsy Design Studio 

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One little way to get smoother skin naturally

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