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How to Apply Skin Care

How to Apply Skin Care

The most common questions asked when it comes to skin care are about when to apply what skin products. When to apply serums, sunscreens, etc. In today’s post, I'll touch on how to create a daily skin routine and the proper steps for your special spa day in.


On the daily, you want to do the following for your morning routine:

  1. Cleanse

  2. Toner or Essence

  3. Serums or beauty oils

  4. Hydrate/eye creams  

  5. Sunscreen


In the evening you would do steps 1- 4. You can double cleanse which means use a cleanser that will remove and makeup or dirt and follow up with a more active cleanser or a more nourishing cleanser. Picking your cleanse really depends on your skin goals. Read more about that here (Link to How to choose the Best Skin Care for you) .


Now, let’s quickly talk toner and Essence, what’s the difference? In a nutshell, toners are made to help balance the skin’s PH and will help other products work better. Essence is the key element to a Korean Skin care routine helping with cell turnover, nourishing the skin and absorbs beautifully!


Skin Care Routine

Once a week you can treat yourself to a spa day in. If you have time you can do this 2 times but no more than that or your skin may freak out. Here’s what a spa day in would look like:


  1. Cleanse

  2. Exoliate

  3. Mask

  4. Serums or toners

  5. Hydrate/ eye cream

  6. Sunscreen


So why would you do an exfoliant and a mask in one day? Exfoliation is going to remove any service level dry skin cells that way the mask can effectively draw out any toxins or drive in more hydration depending on the type of mask that you are using.

For a nourishing spay day in, I highly recommend the Josh Rosebrook skin care line. He has some of the most effective formulas yet they are gentle and nourishing. This spa day shopping list full of yummy, nourishing and hydrating products that are perfect for dry skin.

Josh Rosebrook Skin Care perfect for DIY facial routine

Josh Rosebrook Skin Care perfect for DIY facial routine


The perfect spa day in , Josh Roebrook Shopping list: 

  • Complete Moisture Cleanse - a gentle cleanser that purifies, balances & Moisturizes the skin.  
  • Active Enzyme Exfoliator - helps with skin cell turnover, brightening, soothing and stimulate collagen.  
  • Advanced Hydration mask - locks in moisture, plumps the skin, and helps improve skins circulation. A little goes a LONG way!! 
  • Hydrating Accelerator - a hydrating spritz that helps plum, locks in nutrients from any serums that are applied afterwards. 
  • Active Infusion Serum - an active serum rich in fatty acids that helps nourish, moisturize and repair skin cells. 
  • Vita Balm Cream - a fast absorbing balm that hydrates, repairs and rejuvenates the skin.  
  • Nutrient Day Cream - protects against UVA and UVB rays for ultimate protection. 


During the day, always apply sunscreen last before you apply makeup. This has got to be the number one question that I get. The reason why you want to apply it after your hydrating lotion or cream is so that you get the protect as it will be the product closest to the skin which is why you can often find sunscreen in foundation or tinted moisturizer.


Thank you for reading today’s post! Hope you found it helpful!! Let me know if you have any questions or what you think in the comments below!

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