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Kjear Weis Pencil Review

Kjear Weis Pencil Review

In today’s video I’m playing with the new Kjear Weis pencils. Kjear Weis has recently come out with new eyeliners and lip liners. They are awesome. They have a great texture! I’m making this video to showcase clean beauty products.


By clean product, I mean harsh chemical free, non GMO, plant based and overall better for your skin and whole body. If harsh chemicals, fragrances, and other toxins are applied onto your skin everyday it can all pile up in your fat cells and even brain cell leading to illness. 


It's important to be mindful with what you put on your body because ingredients in your topical product can go directly into the bloodstream. Unfortunately, a lot of the products that are marketed as healthy for you contain some of the worst ingredients that can be linked to sickness within the body.


With that in mind today’s featured products are clean beauty products from Kjear Weis and Vapour Organics. Hope you enjoy today's video! Thanks for watching.


Email, Hello@purebrightbeauty.com or Nicole@Purebrightbeauty.com with questions.


Pro tips:

  • Prep your lips with the Vapour organic lux lip conditioner to help give a smooth look.

  • When applying your lip liner hold your pencil at different angles to get a put look.

  • Apply your liner making small dashes. Your eyes and your lips have curves so don’t even bother trying to draw lines. Watch the video for a visual.

  • USe a black eye liner pencil on top and a brown one on bottom to give the illusion that your eyes are bigger. A great tip for photos.


This video was filmed at the beautiful shop Aillea in the Cherry Creek Mall, Denver CO.

Shop Ailea: http://bit.ly/2yoFuBS


Disclaimer:  Products links may be affiliate links. Some products might have been gifted to me. Most products I buy myself, but rest assured, I stand strongly behind every product  I share with you.


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