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VLOG: 5 Minute Makeup with Clove + Hallow

VLOG: 5 Minute Makeup with Clove + Hallow

In today’s vlog you’ll learn how to achieve a quick makeup look using high performing, clean beauty products. The products featured in this video are all harsh chemical free. Unlike a lot of other products out on the market, you don't have to worry about what’s in the products showcased today.


Remember, what you put on your skin topically matters. The ingredients that are in your makeup products can go into the bloodstream. A lot of the bad ingredients can be link to health problem / illness.


I'm so excited to share the amazing mix of products that I found at Aillea Cherry Creek in Denver, Co. Clove + Hallow is a new brand that has been created by a makeup artist in the Atlanta Georgia area. I show you a few of my other favorites clean beauty gems as well. 


Hope you enjoy today’s Video. Let me know what you think. Comment below or  email, Hello@purebrightbeauty.com.


For color matches make sure to email a photo of yourself. I can help you find the right colors for you.


Pro tips to remember:

  • Start with your eye makeup first not your face makeup. It saves you time!

  • A priming mist or a hydrating mist is a quick and easy way to prime the face before applying your face makeup!

  • Don’t be afraid of trying a bold/ bright lip color. It makes a statement and is a quick any easy way to add color to your face!


Product Shopping list:

Beauty tool Shopping list:

This video was filmed at the beautiful shop Aillea in the Cherry Creek Mall, Denver CO.

Shop Ailea: http://bit.ly/2yoFuBS

Disclaimer:  Products links may be affiliate links. Some products might have been gifted to me. Most products I buy myself, but rest assured, I stand strongly behind every product  I share with you.

Product Love: RMS Beauty Lip2cheek

Product Love: RMS Beauty Lip2cheek

Treat Yo self to a Bedtime Beauty Treat.

Treat Yo self to a Bedtime Beauty Treat.