3 Reasons Why Dry Brushing is Awesome

When I first began esthetician school, we were studying body treatments and that was my first experience with dry brushing. I remember learning about it and thinking “why haven’t I done this before?”. There are so many benefits from smoother, softer skin to lymphatic drainage.


VLOG: Clean Beauty Swap Gel EyeLiners

One of the most common questions that I get is how to use gel eyeliner. In today’s video, I’ll be sharing some gel eyeliner tips while swapping out a popular gel liner with a clean gel liner. It seems that one of the most popular gel eyeliners out there is the Bobbi brown gel liner.

Gift Guide: Holiday Gifts $30 & Under

After being in the beauty industry, my friends and family members expect to receive the gift of beauty from me. I can’t help beauty products are so fun to gift! This year will be no different. Now that I’m in the clean beauty world, I feel even more compelled to give the gift of clean beauty to help introduce products that are better for them.

Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts $13 or Under

Give the gift of beauty this year! 'Tis the season for secret santa, gift exchanges and the need for stocking stuffers. If you're looking for a last minute hostess gift or a gifts on a very lean budget these little finds can go a long way in the gift giving world. In this post, I'm highlighting a few of my favorite gifts $13 or under.

Vlog: Olio E Osso Review

It’s that time of year where dry lips are a problem. Before you go shopping for you new lip balm check out the ingredient label first!! The cosmetic industry is not really regulated when it comes to ingredients, so what is being marketed to you as the “best lip balm for you” could be filled with toxins. YUCK!!!


PLUS,  A lot of the balms that are marketed as good for you may contain alcohol, manufactured waxes, petrochemicals, artificial colors and flavors all of which can make you dry lips worse or even cause reactions/illness over time.


I recently discovered Olio E Osso Balms, and Am really  loving them. These balms are multifunctional and come in a really fun assortment of colors. The colors look brighter in the packaging than on the skin

How to Apply Skin Care

he most common questions asked when it comes to skin care are about when to apply what skin products. When to apply serums, sunscreens, etc. In today’s post, I'll touch on how to create a daily skin routine and the proper steps for your special spa day in.

One little way to get smoother skin naturally

In today’s post, you’ll learn about one little way to get smoother skin naturally. You’ve probably already guessed it, exfoliating! That’s right, it's true, if you incorporate exfoliation into your life, your skin will become more smooth naturally. While this may seem obvious, I still get tons of questions about exfoliators and the proper way to exfoliate.

Le's Talk About Sex ...

Sex… such a taboo topic, right?But,  it’s on everyone’s mind at least once a day. I spent a year as a relationship consultant with one of the largest adult toy companies in the nation helping women, even some men,  boost their sex lives.

Vlog: Henne Lip Balm

Being a Colorado native, I’ve grown accustomed to dry air. All year round it’s dry! In the summer it’s a dry heat and in the winter it’s a dry chill. When it’s in the colder months, I love find dry lip relief. Can you relate?