Here's the Deal.... Handmade Soap is the Best!

I grew up with some of the most popular brand soaps and shower gels. I was a swimmer on my high school swim team in Colorado. If you don’t know, Colorado is one of the driest states. Being in a chlorine pool for several hours throughout the week was not helpful in the skin department either. During that time in my life, I hated soaps!  I was constantly dealing with rough and raw skin.

Product Love: RMS Beauty Lip2cheek

RMS Beauty makes one of my all time favorite products! This product NEVER leaves my kit! It's the multi functional makeup product, Lip2cheek. You guessed it, to be used on your lips and your cheeks. It is a coconut oil based product and comes in a wide range of color options. It is the perfect balance of mineral pigment and hydration. Super easy to use, like all of her products!